Monday, October 18, 2010

Southern Part of Santorini

Having another extra day on Santorini, I traveled to the southern part where I visited Ancient Thira and Red Beach.

A strategic location on the hill top of Mesa Vouno mountain, you can walk through the ancient ruins of the city of Thira which dates back to 8th c. B.C. The site consists of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine ruins including temples, houses, an agora (market), a theatre, and a gymnasium. There are splendid views from the mountain.

I took some photos and did a sketch while spending time experiencing the "vibes" of antiquity.

Next stop, a must see, the red cliffs at Red Beach. The water is crystal clear with smooth, hand-size pebbles.

After a dip in the Sea, I did a quick watercolor painting.

Back in time for one last sunset on Santorini from Firostefoni while eating an amazing dinner of fresh fish and veggies, olive spread on bread, and a glass of local wine.

Need I say, a stellar day?!?!?

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