Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day Two in Naxos

Since I was staying in a studio room in Plaka about 100 yard from this lovely beach, I woke each morning and swam in the Aegean Sea.

While navigating the maze of streets in Kastro the day before, I met a German woman, Johanna, and we became fast friends. My second day in Naxos, we took the bus up the hillside to the historic village of Halki which was once the center of Naxian commerce and full of handsome facades of old villas and tower houses.

The artists Katharina Bolesch and Alexander Reichardt were highly recommended in the Lonely Planet book and I now know why. We spent at least an hour in their lovely gallery!

Next, a hike up the hillside where we foraged for figs & grapes.

We returned for a swim at Agia Anna Beach followed with dinner as we watched the sunset over the island of Paros.

Another perfect day, except that there was no time for painting.

Tomorrow Santorini.....

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