Saturday, October 23, 2010

Second Day in Plakias, Crete

At the Plakias Youth Hostel, Chris, the manager, has many "off the beaten path" hikes to share. I decided to hike to One Rock, a secluded beach....sounded perfect!

I was excited to get started instead of waiting for others who were still sleeping off the previous evening's fun. This might have been a mistake, because the "easy to follow" printed directions from Chris were not so easy to follow. I missed the first stone marker; good thing I knew which direction to go. I learned that it is very easy to get lost in an olive grove.

Damnoni Beach is the first beach you come to after hiking through the hills and olive groves.

One Rock Beach from above (see the one rock?).

I climbed down and spent the afternoon swimming and painting.

I must admit, there were a few other people there too swimming and sun bathing. I waited for this photo.

My watercolor rendition......

Could not resist another sunset!

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