Saturday, October 9, 2010

More About Antiparos

I was drawn to Antiparos and Paros because of windsurfing.

The evening of my first day on Antiparos, I took the ferry to Pounta, Paros where people sailed on boards or kites. Kites seemed to be the favorite of the two sports and the guys running the business knew nothing about the sport of windsurfing but had gear available for rent.

I had to silence the voice in my head that was loudly wondering if I could still windsurf since the last time was TEN years ago in Aruba. I must admit, the voice was very strong and I nearly changed my mind the next morning for a boat adventure around the island of Antiparos.


I went sailing and it was exhilarating!

Later that afternoon, content after eating a Greek salad at an Antiparos taverna, I painted this street scene.

Greek salads are FABULOUS! Sweet, juicy tomatoes with cucumbers, red onions, olives, and sometimes green peppers topped with a slab of feta cheese which is marinated in olive oil and herbs....YUM! I became addicted to these.

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