Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Final Day in Crete

Ameigh convinced me to join the group on the "River Walk" to Preveli Beach instead of exploring Frangokastello, Hora Sfakion, and Loutro by boat.

Jeroen was our fearless leader as he was the only one who had been before. He emphasized not taking anything along as we would travel in the river, at times swimming, and climbing boulders. He did volunteer to take carry a camera.

Unfortunately, Jeroen tripped and the camera ended up in the drink. He was hoping that the card was still able to read images. I have not heard from him. Preveli Beach is at the mouth of the Kourtaliotis Gorge and where the Meglopotamos River empties into the Libyan Sea. This is the river we traveled down to the beach. The banks are lined with palm trees and fresh water pools. Recently, there was a fire, but you could see new growth coming back to the palm trees.

Ameigh sent me a few photos taken from the historical Moni Prevelli Monastery looking down to the river.

We all took Jeroen literally about not bringing anything, and after three hours of hiking, swimming, and climbing boulders no one had even brought money for food. Fortunately, Jeroen pulled out 5 wet Euros from his pocket and treated us to chocolate pastries.

Here is the motley crew upon return with food, wine, and beer at a taverna in Lefkogia.

That evening the town of Plakias was hosting a "Tourist Celebration" providing Greek food and Greek dancing.
I guess they knew it was my last evening on Crete!

The following day I would ride three buses to Iraklio Airport in Northern Crete, fly to Athens, and then another flight to London where I stayed in the Yotel. You must check it out. After that it was across the Atlantic Ocean and the U.S. Continent. Phew!

Jeroen sent me some photos from the "River Walk" which was truly its essence.


  1. Hi Joanne,
    I tried to find you on faceook but forgot your last name..:-(...the memory stick DID survive the drowning and some great shots were taken from the riverwalk! I've send you a friend request on FB. I'll send the pictures to your e-mail as well.

  2. Hi Jeroen,

    Good to hear from you!
    Looking forward to the photos :)

    Take care

  3. The picture of the crew you posted was in Lefkogia..:-)

  4. Hi Jeroen,

    Thanks, I will correct that! It was a challenge getting all those little towns straight.

  5. Brilliant post.......you forgot one of the funniest part of the story!!! JeRoen also told us it was no problem to leave the car at the bridge and hitch hike back to the car after the river walk, chocolate croissants and 197 steps up the face of the Monastery. At the top, I thought J was talking to someone about a ride but he was getting a cigarette!

    sooooo "I" the nice girl from Americai that had never hitch hiked in her life has to ask someone for a ride and of course they were from Russia and spoke no Engllish!!! I told them the Monastery and we were actually at the other end. I kept showing them my car key and they were really concerned where we wanted to go.
    Of course who joined me but the other American JOANNE!!! FUN TIMES!!!

  6. Hi Ameigh,

    Ah, yes! Great additional episode. I believe the Russian couple thought we were rather strange :) their facial expressions were wonderful!