Friday, October 15, 2010

Day Two on Santorini

Excited to explore Santorini, I was up early and walked down to Katharos Beach and Amoudi Bay from the village of Oia.

My destination for the day was Paradise Beach a black sand beach 3.5 kilometers from the youth hostel in Oia. I started out early, but vowed that I would NOT walk back in the Greece heat.

Along the way I found wild sand orchids.

Paradise Beach was a welcome site after my long, hot journey.

After a lovely swim in the Sea, I found a shady spot.

And created a watercolor painting.....

Another swim and a bus ride back to Oia!

The young women at the youth hostel were full of great ideas: At Katharos Beach you can watch the sunset with very few people, take a photo of the bus schedule that way you can pull it up when you need it, and the cliffs of Red Beach are very worth the trip.

Santorini sunset from Katharos Beach.

The moon was rising as I left the beach.

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