Monday, October 11, 2010

The Island of Naxos

Naxos is the Greek Island next door to Paros and my next island of adventure. When you watch the sunset from Plaka Beach on Naxos, it sets behind the Island of Paros.

Near Naxos port of Hora is the Temple of Apollo. I am told that viewing the sunset through this portal is awesome.

Here is the view of Hora from the Temple of Apollo

and the Aegean Sea

Notice the castle in this photo of Hora. I went in search of this castle through the maze of streets in the historic section of Kastro. My British friends suggested that I find this incredible silversmith.........and I did!

In the process of exploration, I learned about the Naxos Eye; a special stone that can only been found on the island of Naxos and created by the combination of the Greek sea, sun and other climatic conditions. The Naxos Eye remains one of the trademarks of Naxos.

I was too busy exploring and never sat still (except to eat!) long enough to sketch or paint!

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