Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Free Bird"

Today I finished an oil painting that came about after the two "warm up" paintings of the other day (previous posts). I was not able to return to painting outdoors as our liquid sunshine here in Washington has returned.

Earlier this year I treated myself to a session with an astrologist. Looking at the astrological chart of my birth and the positions of the planets at this time, she dubbed me a "free bird." Interesting enough, the "free bird" showed up in my oil painting, but I did not recognize its significance until I sat back to take in the painting. Paintings usually sit in a predominant spot in my studio where I can frequently glance at them to decide, finished or not, do I like it or not, what does it need?

Not only did this comment about the "free bird" linger with me, but also very fitting for my soon flight to Greece for the month of September.

An interesting thing happened........

The painting was done horizontally. When I set it to dry, I placed it vertical. Oh my gosh, what a difference! Check it out....

I like the flight of the bird going up and the waves crashing from right to left.

Which one do you like?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Painting Transformation

Yesterday, I blogged about my outdoor oil painting experience.

Another stellar day found me back on the deck, painting.

I began with the storm painting of yesterday.......

and transformed it into a fall scene........

This may change again, who knows?

Afterwards, I looked at my palette and noticed there was still plenty of paint. Not wanting to waste it, I pulled out the other canvas from yesterday which I dubbed the ocean.

Quickly it transformed into a pond of lilies.....

I am on a roll. Started another oil painting.

They predict rain tomorrow :(

Stay tuned.....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oil Painting

Finally, set up the easel on the deck outside my studio as I planned to do all summer. Unfortunately, it is almost fall. But, I did it!

Notice my black dog, Ebony, curled up nearby

I was gifted with two small canvases from a friend who did not like the way her portrait was painted. Big mistake was to gesso over the oil painting with clear gesso. I found myself throwing on dark colors just to cover up the portraits.

In the first painting, I was having fun mixing colors and watching the runs happen. I am using a water-based oil paint and liked the effects of using water. This painting reminds me of the ocean. The photograph is lighter than the actual painting and I do not know how to photograph oils without getting a glare. Any suggestions?

In the second painting, after I intentionally covered up the faces of the portraits with dark paint, I grabbed a glob of yellow, mixed it with red, and added water allowing the paint to run. It reminded me of storm clouds. I stopped before I ruined the spontaneity.

I thought of these as a warm up to my next painting.

To be continued.......

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rocks, Rocks, and More Rocks

What is it that is sooo intriguing about rocks?

I absolutely love rocks!

I also love water. Therefore, the combination of the two became the subject matter for my latest watercolor painting. My focus was depth. I wanted viewers to go deep into the water to discover the rocks below. Playing with the shapes in the water surface was fun, too.

The art therapist in me wondered why the desire for such depth?

Not sure if this painting is done........
Not sure if I really like it or not.....
Might just be an inspiration for another painting.

Comments, anyone?

Friday, August 27, 2010


Each year I grow something unusual in my vegetable garden.

This year it is eggplant.

Considering we have had rather pathetic weather for growing veggies this summer, all of a sudden my one eggplant is starting to develop. It was my token new item to grow and I was ready to call it a disaster along with the lettuce, spinach, (believe it or not, I could not get the seeds to germinate and when they did the peas over took the bed.) broccoli, cabbage.......just to name a few.

I was intrigued by the delicateness, shape and colors of the eggplant flowers which seemed to be popping out occasionally to please me.

Today, I was looking at the plant and thought a branch was dead because it was folded over. I examined the strange phenomena.
To my SURPRISE, there was a baby egg plant!

It is rather cute.....

A closer look....

I hope it has time to develop before the first frost. I think I am suppose to clip off other flowers to help this one mature.
Anyone know for sure?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Art and Sculpture

I have returned to reading A Garden Gallery; The Plants, Art, and Hardscape of Little and Lewis to my friend and long time artist, Doris. We began the section called Art and Sculpture and I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction by David Lewis.

He says, "Since ancient times, when the Greeks and Romans adorned their garden walls with painted frescoes and their courtyards with fountains, we have embellished gardens with our personal taste in art. The garden itself is a living work of art. It is a result of creativity and style, shaped by the maker's imagination and courage to take chances. It seems only fitting, then, to want to introduce artwork - whether we purchase, make, or find it - into this dynamic living canvas."

The photography in the book is fabulous! I got this great idea to try out my new camera by taking a few photographs of the pages in evening light. I am sooo impressed with this camera! These are center spreads taken from the book featuring the incredible garden of George Little and David Lewis.

Notice the pomegranate?
One of their many sculptures which they move around the garden.

The blue wall is permanent and the color has become their trademark.

Here is a dinosaur egg........similar to mine that I blogged about.

How about this gunnera leaf sculpture.....

This book is wonderful! A must read for artists and gardeners.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ocean Meditation

I have been partaking in the 21 day meditation challenge sponsored by the Chopra Center. Even thought I have been mediating for many years, I enjoy being guided at times, especially by Davidji. I met him when I attended the Seduction of Spirit workshop in Whistler, Canada.

Davidji explains;

"When we meditate, we don’t have a target. We don’t have a goal. We are simply relaxing to the point of stillness and silence. Whatever happens during the meditation is perfect. If you have thoughts, if you fall asleep, if you experience stillness or silence, if you are listening to the mantra . . . all those experiences are perfect.

The powerful benefits and miracles of meditation happen when you’re not meditating, but in the remaining hours of the day when you are back here with the rest of us nurturing your relationships, practicing conscious communication, living your life with compassion and creativity, and loving unconditionally.

In this moment, know that meditation can be a piece of your life forever. And as you continue to meditate, your life will continue to blossom and bloom."

Being drawn to the ocean myself, my favorite meditation so far was the one where we were transported to Carlsbad,(the sweet spot of the universe) California by way of youtube.

Try the ocean meditation. Only fifteen minutes.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another Black Spider Lily

This second watercolor painting of the Black Spider Lily has been sitting on my drafting table way too long! I cannot seem to get the colors and look I desire.

I gave the painting some attention today, and believe it is done. Or am I just ready to move on?!? On another thought, this subject might make a great collage........

Stay tuned!

Done or not done, that is the question?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Visual Art by the Human Body

A artist colleague shared these incredible images with me, and I wanted to share them with you.

Take a close look as these flowers, maple leaf, fern and peacock are created using the human body.

Pretty remarkable, wouldn't you say?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Berry Picking Time


Early this morning as Ebony and I traveled the Chehalis Western Trail from Woodard Bay to Martin Way, many people were seen, full buckets in hand and blackish mouths, picking blackberries.

My favorite was this couple and their two children who came on bikes.

The little boy eating from his bucket made me think of times to come with my grandson :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Camera

After days of research and reading reviews, I finally picked a camera. This point and shoot camera appears to be the leader for image quality, lens quality, ease of use, and many other important criteria. I decided on compactness over the digital SLR cameras.

THE WINNER: Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7

I have been having fun!

Here are some photos of my happy Gerber Daisies.....

I love the shadows in this one.

Maybe a painting soon....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Metal Sculptures

As promised, I will share the unique metal sculptures created by Layne Koina who was one of the artists I met at the annual Art in the Garden show in Enumclaw, Washington this past weekend.

Actually, I met him last year and purchased a few of his whimsical metal sculptures.

This year I could not resist his cat tails. The cat tails are metal and the leaves are stainless steel, so as it ages the cat tails will rust but the stainless steel will not. I look forward to this transformation.

Unfortunately, Layne does not have a website where you can see more of his creative metal sculptures. He is local to Enumclaw and is associated with Arts Alive.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Art in the Garden

Last year I was one of the artists at Art in the Garden an annual art show in Enumclaw, Washington, but this year I went as an art patron. I have favorite artists and Julie Michels is one of them.

Julie paints rocks that are extra-ordinary. Mostly she paints animals, but she added a new dimension to her collection; painting a water scene including koi, lily pads, and a dragonfly on slate. I could not resist!

I just finished installing her beautiful creation in my yard:

Isn't if FABULOUS!?!

Tomorrow I will post the metal sculpture created by Layne.

Stay tuned.......