Monday, January 28, 2013

One More Time......

The other day I blogged about the Logo I created for my cousin's new business. I commented that I am one of the rare breeds who hand draws logos instead of using computer software.

So after finally coming up with two versions of the logo, my cousin commented that the jam jar looked like an ice cream container. His comment was that he did make ice cream, but not for shipping (ha,ha!). So back to the drawing board.....for real.

Magically the blue marker did not run out of ink!

This I believe to be the final logo for his new business:

And the ice cream carton version just for comparison:

I agree, how about you?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Sketches

I have been a bit negligent in creating art lately, but I was inspired to design a logo for my cousin's new business. Besides, if he liked it I would get some of his outrageous pastries and preserves!

Apparently in California there is a new law passed which laid the foundations for his business to take off commercially instead of selling to friends and family. He can use his own kitchen.

I did not win the contest for business name, but I did win the logo design. Cannot wait for my goodie box to arrive :)

Do people still create logos by hand? If I were more versed at Photoshop it would have looked very different and maybe more professional. Mine has a hand drawn look and when reduced will not show the imperfections.

Which one do you like?

He is leaning towards number 2.

More Sunday Sketchers.....

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Paper Play

Do you see what I see?

Not just pieces of colored paper pasted to the wall......

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year Collage

I enjoy taking the time to reflect and think about the new year. Last year I made an intention stick; this year a collage.

I gathered with two friends who have been on retreat with me twice this past year. We came up with our idea of an "at home" retreat which proved very helpful in our individual journeys into creativity.

I have made collages many times.....alone and with groups. This gathering to create a new year collage fell on the final days of our second retreat. Together we focused on the year ahead as individuals yet the camaraterie made this time very special.

There are several major events ahead for me this year and I gave them some focus. But the magic of creating collages is that images that are selected may manifest or predict a future event. For example, I made a collage of skiing in the Alps because that is something I wanted to experience. A few years later, I visited Switzerland and randomly selected three ski areas to ski. When I returned home and looked at my collage......................ALL the images were from places I visited and skied. Even a spot where I ate lunch outdoors in the snowfield was in the collage!

So, here is my new year collage. Let the magic to happen.