Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Out of the Box and into the Fire

Class completed and wonders never cease.....

Joanne the welder

Yes, I have a new medium; steel.

This summer I took the Introduction to Welding and Creative Metalwork class at South Puget Sound Community College. It was a hot summer intensified by time behind the torch, but what fun! The ten week class just ended and I will definitely miss the time spent under fire. I was allowed to dumpster dive in the scrap metal pile at a local company. The pieces I found said, "wings and then, dragonfly." So with the help of the class instructors, Ken, Mary, and Dave, I created this sculpture which now lives in my garden.

I found the eyes at a antique store at the Oregon Coast; they are painted knobs for cabinets.

Mary demonstrated how to use the forge and made a calle lily. I decided to make a few for yard art. It was not as easy as Mary made it look. I really like the way the leaves turned out.

I like the look of the steel, but am toying with painting the lillies white to make them stand out more. What do you think?