Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Trillium

I keep going back and forth between water-based oil paints and watercolors. They both have endearing traits.

After completing the oil painting of the trillium (previous post) in the woods standing tall against the cedar tree, I could not resist painting the same subject with watercolor.

Here is a colorful rendition......

I believe I have cured the trillium addiction, for now :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trillium Addiction

I cannot kick the habit! The trillium wildflowers are still in bloom in the woods, and some are turning from white to pink. I am still captivated by the two plants I saw growing tall against the massive cedar tree.

Here is the oil painting version.....

On my third rendition which is a large watercolor painting.

Addiction is acknowledged.

Recovery, uncertain.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sunday Sketches

Help, I cannot quit painting Trillium!

It must be a phase I am going through ;)

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Sketches


I do not know of anyone here in the Pacific Northwest that does not get excited by the appearance of the trillium in the woods. For one it marks the beginning of spring, but the wildflower's appeal seems to me more for its grace and beauty.

I found these two tall trillium flowers growing next to the base of a cedar tree and captured them on paper.

It was my first sale yesterday at the Gull Harbor Art & Gift Fair!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Gull Harbor Art & Gift Fair

For those of you local to the Olympia area in Washington, Saturday, April 14th from 10AM to 6PM is an art show at the Olympia Fire Station, 5046 Boston Harbor Road.

You will not want to miss it!

Not only will it be a fun community event with music, a bake sale, and an African Lion slide show, but also an opportunity to purchase art from some very talented local artists. Ten percent of the proceeds from all the sales will go to benefit the Sigrid Hardy Wellness Fund. Sigrid has been battling cancer and the money will help her pay medical expenses.

I have been painting images from my travels to Peru. This is the first time the full series will be on display.

Here is a sneak preview.....

Peruvian Weaver
©2011 Joanne Osband
water based oil
8" X 10"

Llamas at Machu Picchu # 1
©2011 Joanne Osband
water based oil
8" X 10"

Quechan Children
©2012 Joanne Osband
water-base oil
16" X 20"

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sunday Sketches

Each day my dog and I spend time on the Chehalis Western Trail in Olympia, Washington, rain or shine. The past month is has been more rain than anything else.

Fortunately, it makes great subject matter. With our rain comes incredible cloud formations and what we call, "sun breaks". This was one of those that caught my attention and demanded action in the studio.

I allowed the watercolors to flow and added a touch of detail to the foreground.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Makeup Artist

Recently I was invited to be one of the community members of Spiritual Cinema Circle to discuss the monthly selection of films with co-founder, Stephen Simon.

In the process of getting ready for the camera, I was introduced to the art of makeup.

Sherrie Duncan is an artist who paints on faces! She arrives with a huge case of colors and brushes, and sets up in a well lighted corner of the studio to perform her art. Like any artist, she has an array of brush sizes for each area of the face as well as paint-like boxes of colors. I was the subject matter!

Sherrie blended colors to make my face look natural without the shine for the camera, and brought my eyes out with color and line. A very gifted artist!

Pleased with her creativity, I was ready for the set.

Here I am behind the cameras.....

Stephen Simon, who is studying his notes, and myself in between discussions of the four films selected for June.

Each month subscribers receive a DVD with three short films and one feature film. Now these films are not "Hollywood" type movies, although one of the movies I discussed with Stephen won an Oscar for best short film. Spiritual Cinema Circle movies have heart and soul. They provoke thought and celebrate the human spirit. Plus, you keep them for your library and you can share anytime with friends and family.

I was invited to discuss the June selection of movies with Stephen. You can sign up on the website for a free month.

Sign up in June and watch me on YOUR DVD.

Sherrie made me look fantastic! Thank you, Sherrie :)