Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dog Portrait Winner

Shelley won the drawing sponsored by Training Collar Source for a dog portrait painting. All that was required for one's name to be entered in the drawing was to click on "like" at the business page of Training Collar Source on Facebook. You can still do that and who knows what exciting things may happen.....

Because Shelley has two dogs, I decided to paint both on separate canvases. They are Wire-hair Pointing Griffons and Mother(Frost) and Daughter(Bailey).

12" X 12" water-based oil
Joanne Osband

12" X 12" water-based oil
Joanne Osband


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday Happenings

I spent last weekend at the holiday art show; Holiday Happenings. I believe it is the start of many art shows in Olympia for this holiday season.

If you missed this gathering, I displayed my latest art including oil paintings and watercolor sketches. They can also be viewed online at my website: Coloring Out Of The Lines under the gallery tabs for oil paintings and watercolor sketches.

The display was rather amusing as being at the Elk Lodge in Olympia I had to include the elk.

He watched over the event, so to speak.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Art Speaks

Have you heard of HeARTs Speak?

It is a non-profit organization of professional artists who use their artistic gifts to raise awareness of and promote adoptions for homeless and unwanted pets.

Lisa Prince Fishler started HeARTs Speak in January, 2010. She was by the number of adoptable animals euthanized each year - more than 4 million in the U.S. alone. Lisa set out to find a new way to encourage people to adopt from a shelter.

The artwork and stories are a valuable resource for the media, websites, magazines, as well as educational institutions. If you saw a photo or painting of a cute dog or heard its story, wouldn't you be more inclined to give that pet a home?

If you are an artist, an animal advocate, an educator, or just someone who is passionate about helping animals, visit the HeARTs Speak website.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Sketches

Still trying to hang on to the colors of fall before the dull days of winter. Another one of my favorite trees is the gingko tree.

The fan shape of the leaves of the gingko tree are very distinguishable from any other tree. I love the leaf's shape and in the fall the leaves turn a BRILLIANT yellow which is unmatched on the color wheel.

A friend of mine, Janet, gave me a photo she took of her friend's huge gingko tree which he planted many years ago as a little sapling. Her picture was a view of the magnificent tree through the french doors of his house. The photo inspired my sketch.

More Sunday Sketchers......

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Sketches

The colors of fall here in Washington have been exquisite!

Notice I used the past tense..........the Pacific Northwest rains have returned; days and days of it. Although sometimes if you watch for it, you might be lucky to catch a "window" without rain. I have learned to get outdoors no matter what otherwise it can become depressing.

In my studio I am still enjoying the fall colors and creating watercolor paintings of the brilliant colored leaves. The big leaf maples are one of my favorites. The shape of its leaves and colors are awesome!

More Sunday Sketchers.....