Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Sketches

There is something magical about butterflies.

I was doubly fascinated watching my 16 month old grandson follow this tiger swallowtail as it lighted around the yard.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Children of Gaza Tell Their Stories
Through Art

I was privileged to visit and conduct an art therapy session with the Palestinian children at the Qattan Centre for the Child (QCC) in Gaza City. QCC is a non-profit cultural and educational institution which focuses on the basic needs of the Palestinian children.

With the aid of my Russian interpreter, Natach, the children told me about the water problems they contend with on a daily basis in Gaza.

Pollution, lack of water, misuse of water, and their difficulties were the themes in their art.

One of the children drew a picture of the Israeli bombs and the white phosphorous which was dropped on the citizens of Gaza.

The children made it very clear the problems they live with in Gaza.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Third Mural in Gaza

For those of you who have been following our adventures in Gaza, I will be posting the different murals that were painted by the Maia Mural Brigade.

This is the third mural we painted at the Jabalia Girls School in Gaza. The second one was finished in the evening and I await a copy of the mural from one of the artists who photographed it the follow next day in daylight.

The challenge was painting in 100 degree temperatures in the sunshine.

The Maia Mural Brigade Artists

Hillary, Vyal, Alicia, Josue, Joanne, Melissa

We found an large umbrella which saved the day!

Just some of the girls....not at all camera shy!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Sketches

I am back from Gaza!

Attempting to assimilate the experience of my adventures and being part of the Maia Mural Project.

Here is one of the sketches I created as I was gazing out the dinning area window of the Adam Hotel in Gaza City, Gaza.

The people of Gaza depend heavily on fishing to provide for their families as well as income. I was privileged to go out fishing with the fishermen of Gaza on the "Olivia", which is the international boat that keeps the Palestinians safe from the Israeli warships which harass the fishermen.

The Israeli warships make waves so that the fishermen cannot fish. The Olivia moves to where the Israelis are harassing the fishermen and the harassment stops for the time being until they isolate another group of fishermen. The Oslo Accords allows the fishermen 20 nautical miles from the coast, but these photos were taken around 3 miles from the coast of Gaza which Israel has illegally imposed.

It is very unraveling to have the guns pointed at you!

Read more about the Civil Peace Service Gaza boat "Oliva".

Monday, July 11, 2011

Artists in Gaza

I must share this press release of the Maia Mural Project......

Back to painting........

First Gaza Mural

Today was the opening ceremony for the Maia Mural Project at the New Gaza Boys School. There were Palestinian dignitaries from several organizations as well as our Maia Mural Brigade.

The children helped to put the finishing touches to the mural.

I think it looks outstanding!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Children Of Gaza and Art

Today I returned to the Afaq Jadeela Association in Mukhaim El Jadeed to create art with the children.

Water is a big issue here in Gaza. The children are asking for clean water to drink. As part of the Maia Mural Project we will paint murals around Gaza.

I asked the children to create pictures about water. Their pictures told the story of the water pollution and the need for fresh water and a cleaner environment.

The most interesting part of being "lost in translation" was that after I passed out the boxes of crayons and paper, the children just sat there. I did not know what was wrong. Majd came with pencils and the children began drawing.

Here are some photos of these sweet, beautiful children who graced my day.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Day in Gaza

I spent the day with the children and coordinators at the Afaq Jadeela Association in Mukhaim El Jadeed as part of the Maia Mural Project.

They were sooo gracious and joyous.

You must watch the dance they performed for Melissa and me.

"We are the children of Palestine. We are living, sometimes we are not. We demand our rights. We have the right to play and have recreation. We have the right to education. It is good for man to go any place, we cannot. We have the right to express our thoughts. We are the makers of the new future. We have the right to protection. We have the right to live in peace. We have a right to clean environment. We have the right to healthcare and medications. By our talents and our skills...we can do miracles for our homeland.