Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dinosaur Egg

A couple of blogs back I shared about the Northwest Horticultural Society's Garden Tour at Joyce Hawkins' home. I also mentioned Joyce's art of cement leaves and dinosaur eggs.

Joyce described her process to me of how she creates dinosaur eggs using patching cement. I now have my very own dinosaur egg in my yard.

I am not sure of its permanent placement or maybe it will move around? At the moment it sits in my front yard in a patch of weeds. I definitely need a more exciting ground cover for it to sit upon. Any suggestions?

Here is the view from my deck.

I decided to add water and a glass float. The sun popped out as I finished this process. Do you like the addition of water and float? Other ideas?

Joyce is working on a website; her business name is Leaf Art Plus


  1. It needs another object to talk to...Something to sit beside it, so it's not lonely...?

  2. Hi DJ,

    That is a good idea, thanks.