Saturday, June 5, 2010

Land Art

Having been inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, a land artist who I blogged about on May 19th, I decided to create something of my own using materials in my yard.

Many of Andy Goldsworthy's works are temporary pieces of art which change or dissove with the environment. I hope that the land art piece I created today will age with grace.

This is the first rendition:

As much as I liked the texture and color of the arbor chips, I decided it needed more definition. I added gravel and small stones. Which version do you like?


  1. Perhaps both, creating a design with them? Maybe put the chips in a circle with the stones surrounding...or...

  2. Another environmental artist blogger is Richard Shilling, who does stunning sculptural work.

  3. Hi DJ,

    Great idea! Thanks for the suggestions. I can see a design......

    FABULOUS BLOG! Thanks for sharing :)