Monday, June 7, 2010


It has been well document in many resources about how when you are up against difficult challenges your meet your "best self."

Challenges make us grow, right?

I wonder if it is true in the plant world? I have certainly killed my fair share of plants. But I have a Clemantis that truly thrives on challenges.

I purchased this Clemantis plant way back in 2006 and kept in in a large pot. I trained it to climb the stair railing where beautiful blooms greeted me as I walked out the door. One spring I was possessed to create a watercolor painting of the emerging flower.

Last June I moved and decided to take the Clemantis with me. Detaching it from the stairs, and packing it in my car to move to our new location was traumatic for the plant. The Clematis suffered incredible summer heat and was whipped around by the spring winds. Regardless of all these challenges, this Clematis at the present time is donning eight fabulous flowers.

Way to go little plant!



  1. Or, perhaps, (s)he is simply responding to a loving, attentive owner? :-)
    Beautiful blossoms~

  2. Hi DJ,

    Thank you, but I must admit that I have ignored the plant until I saw buds.