Sunday, June 6, 2010

Land Art Continues.....

I received a comment from DJ in regards to yesterday's blog with a great idea for my Land Art creation. Today, I returned to the art and am very pleased with the results.

DJ suggested adding a design which definitely gives it a much more finished look than previously. I used pine cones as a path through the rock gravel. The rocks define the edge. I have not decided which size rocks I like best or to keep both. Comments? It was raining today so some of the gravel is dark gray instead of the light blue-grey when it is dry.

It will change over does life and Land Art.

DJ also suggested Richard Shilling's, a land artist, blog. I like his "Laurel Reflections" and "May Day Colour Totem."



  1. You're more than welcome, Joanne. I'm flattered that you gave me a "shout out" in your blog post.
    Your wonderfully artsy blog title intrigued me, and I just had to visit. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the land art. You did a great job with this piece. There's always something interesting about the juxtaposition of wood and stone, don't you think?
    I LOVE your work, so you're on my blogroll!
    Love & Laughter,

  2. Hi DJ,

    THANKS! I had fun and appreciate your input.

    Yes, rocks and wood make lovely partners.

    Peace & Joy,