Sunday, March 1, 2009

Every Picture Tells a Story

Makes me think of Rod Steward. Does that date me?

Today, as I walked my dog, I was on an adventure to photograph nature for my next watercolor paintings. I pass this setting every day either when walking or driving in my car.

What is the story?

A long time ago this tree ent was the sentinel of this forest in the Pacific Northwest. He was a friendly character but took his job seriously. For many years, the area was very safe and the creatures of the forest were happy.

Next thing you know, human beings began to encroach on the tree ent's forest domain. The addition of the swing was at first alarming, but he enjoyed the laughter and joy of the children. His job description expanded to include protecting the children who came to swing and play at his feet. The tree ent was proud of his role.

One day a most disturbing occurrence changed everything. Someone evaluated his job and decided that the tree ent was not sufficient for the task at hand. No one spoke to him about this matter or made any suggestions for improvement. There was definitely a lack of communication. Much to the tree ent's alarm and pain, a human nailed a sign, "No Trespassing" on his tummy. How inconsiderate!

Now his job has been downsized; to greet people passing by and provide them with a chuckle or two while informing trespassers they are no longer welcome in this neck of the woods.

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