Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hummingbird Sighting!

Yesterday I saw a hummingbird feeding at my primroses on the deck railing. How exciting! I immediately made up some food (high concentration of sugar in water) and placed the feeder outside my window.

PRESTO! This morning I saw my first hummingbird feeding.

But that is not really true.......

This winter at Christmas time I was house sitting/pet sitting at my friend's house. If you were in Washington at that time you would remember the snow and more snow. My car was stuck in their driveway, and I was snowed-in for a couple of days. Thankfully, I had my sketch pad and watercolor pencils. As I was drawing the beautiful tree outside the window a desperate hummingbird stared in at me. I immediately made their favorite syrup and added it to the empty feeder. The hummingbird returned and I was sooo elated. I thought I had saved its life!

Later, I learned that the Anna hummingbird sometimes spends winter in Washington (Why, is beyond my understanding). A new learning for me!

I cannot really say that the hummingbird's have returned until the Rufus hummingbirds show up. They make a grand entrance as they take over the feeder. They literally stand guard and chase off other hummingbirds. Not only are they very bold, but they are brightly colored their namesake, rufus.


  1. ps.. just explored your website..
    just beautiful...
    be back soon
    & have a great day

  2. Hi gaffergirls and F. Monique Pitre,

    Thanks for your comments! Aren't hummingbirds something special?!?!