Sunday, March 15, 2009

View From The "Titanic"

Just finished my second painting which I named the View From the "Titanic" in the Mexico Series.

Why, you might be wondering? Let me tell you the story.......

This lovely deck area is where I spent time painting a couple of mandalas while staying at Sanoviv. It was my favorite spot.

Nice, huh?!?!?

I later learned from Francisco that the staff call the small deck the "Titanic" because of its shape and the way it sticks out above the ocean.

Looking south the hillside is draped with ice plants and they were in full bloom due to the warm, Mexican sunshine. I thought it would make a great watercolor painting. How do you feel?


  1. The painting is quite life-like. In fact, I thought it was a photo. Lovely!

  2. Hi F. Monique Pitre,

    Thanks! It was painted from my photograph, but I was hoping to get more of a impressionistic feel.