Friday, March 20, 2009

Museum of Glass

If you live near Tacoma, Washington, you have probably heard about the Museum of Glass, but have you been there? It is only a few years old.

It features contemporary glass art in a breathtakingly beautiful museum on Tacoma's revitalized waterfront. There is a main gallery with changing exhibits, a theatre featuring glass artists, a children's area, an art gallery, and the hot shop amphitheater where you can watch a team of artists create masterpieces from molten glass.

My favorite is the children's glass exhibit. Children submit drawings and once a month they select one child's design to create in glass. The child participates in the creation by being present and through consultation with the the team of glass artists. Best of all, the child gets to keep the glass art, and another one is made to put on displayed. There will be a special art show on October 31st featuring the children's glass art. I look forward to seeing it!

Today I introduced my cousin to the Museum of Glass and she instantly became a member. We dodged raindrops to view the Chihuly Bridge of Glass and his sculptures in the Train Station.

Photos from the Chihuly Art Exhibit in Salt Lake City during the Winter Olympics 2002

Chihuly Ceiling

I layed on the floor taking these photos just to get the full effect. Several museum goers joined me. I think I started something, or maybe not?


  1. good morning Joanne..
    beautiful post..
    so glad we popped in for a visit..
    mona & the gaffer girls
    ps we love the museum toooooo