Thursday, March 19, 2009

"It Has To Grow On Me"

Those were my mother's favorite words after viewing a painting she was not particularly excited about.

I find that some paintings must grow on me before I accepted them as a finished product or start over again. A couple of days ago, I believed that the watercolor painting "View From the Titanic" might be finished. I always keep the latest painting somewhere in view of my everyday activities so I can "catch a glimpse" of it as I go about my tasks. It will "speak" to me. There was a blatant issue that was bugging me and today I finally did something about it.

In the process of intensifying the color of the water (it looks very turquoise here, but it really is not that way in the original; blue is a challenging color to get accurate with a camera let alone a computer screen), I realized the power of changing Mother Nature. What might be the significance?!?!

The first rendition

and the final

Which do you prefer? Or is it back to the drawing board?

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