Monday, March 16, 2009

Trades for Art

Most of you know the barter system, right?

I believe it first began eons ago with our ancestors. People traded services for produce and there was no money exchange. Some people would like to see this form of exchange of goods re-established. How do you feel about that?

Artists seem to be prone to bartering. Some people think art is a luxury item and not usually affordable. Art creation not only enriches the soul, but it also enhances the lives of those who come in contact with the piece of art. It is great to see people who love our art get the opportunity to live with one of our art pieces.

Today I am in the process of bartering with a friend for massage treatments. Double treat for me. I will receive serveral massages while viewing my watercolor painting in the environment in which it was selected to enhance.

Have you bartered for something outrageous? Please share!

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