Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Inspired by Mexico

I was excited to get back to my studio since being in Mexico;
sooooooo many ideas floating around in my head to paint with watercolors!

First off, to capture the feel of the sunset on my last evening. I call the painting "A Gift" as that is truly what the sunset was for me on my very last day of an incredible week at Sanoviv. I was absolutely spellbound watching the colors spread across the sky and change in intensity. It took will-power to pull back from the view long enough to capture a few photographs knowing full well that they would only be a snapshot of the moment and not the full experience which was beyond AWESOME!

I am waiting to hear back from friends who also watched as if in a trance from their balcony that evening, too.

I asked, "Did I captured the mood or not?"

Here is the sunset painted in watercolors; A GIFT

For most of you who were not present (ha,ha pun!), how does it make you feel?

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