Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vertical Mandala

Having been away a long time, before beginning to create a mandala watercolor painting, I felt the urge to place my watercolor paper vertical. This was unusual as all previous mandalas have been painted horizontally. I laughed! I had dramatically made some changes in my life and my spacial orientation wanted to change with it.

I began this mandala similar to the previous four painted in my studio; the colorful line snaking across the center of the circle. I talked about this line symbolically representing me and taking form since my mother's death. In the last painting the shape began to sprout branches, but this time a human shape appeared to me. Yes, I was floating! Yet, from my hand vibrant, abundant life was blossoming (nearly overwhelming by its size and weight). I thought I was floating in water, but instead the water turned into clouds and I added the peaceful ocean scene below.

Needing more support, the mandala image became embodied by the suggestion of hands lifting it to the sky. I am open, receiving, while gently being held.

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