Friday, February 13, 2009

Mandala Insights

Hooray for Fridays! It is my day in the studio and I was looking forward to creating another watercolor mandala painting before I slip off to Mexico to pamper myself.

Mountains and a body of water appeared in my mandala today in addition to the free flowing image that has threaded its way through my previous mandala paintings. The image has been my starting brush strokes which seems to take me into the painting. Landscapes and especially active bodies of water accent the last three mandala paintings.

Today it came to me that the floating image is a self-image; amorphously taking shape. In the third mandala I was budding and in this mandala I am reaching out, growing and branching. The first mandala I am enmeshed in emotions and blurred, and the second mandala I am small and thin barely there. I see myself transforming as I continue to process loss.

In addition, the background of the past three mandalas have watery feelings which give each mandala a floating quality. Again I return to the symbolism of the ocean and a returning to the much meaning!

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