Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Art and Sculpture

I have returned to reading A Garden Gallery; The Plants, Art, and Hardscape of Little and Lewis to my friend and long time artist, Doris. We began the section called Art and Sculpture and I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction by David Lewis.

He says, "Since ancient times, when the Greeks and Romans adorned their garden walls with painted frescoes and their courtyards with fountains, we have embellished gardens with our personal taste in art. The garden itself is a living work of art. It is a result of creativity and style, shaped by the maker's imagination and courage to take chances. It seems only fitting, then, to want to introduce artwork - whether we purchase, make, or find it - into this dynamic living canvas."

The photography in the book is fabulous! I got this great idea to try out my new camera by taking a few photographs of the pages in evening light. I am sooo impressed with this camera! These are center spreads taken from the book featuring the incredible garden of George Little and David Lewis.

Notice the pomegranate?
One of their many sculptures which they move around the garden.

The blue wall is permanent and the color has become their trademark.

Here is a dinosaur egg........similar to mine that I blogged about.

How about this gunnera leaf sculpture.....

This book is wonderful! A must read for artists and gardeners.

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