Friday, August 27, 2010


Each year I grow something unusual in my vegetable garden.

This year it is eggplant.

Considering we have had rather pathetic weather for growing veggies this summer, all of a sudden my one eggplant is starting to develop. It was my token new item to grow and I was ready to call it a disaster along with the lettuce, spinach, (believe it or not, I could not get the seeds to germinate and when they did the peas over took the bed.) broccoli, cabbage.......just to name a few.

I was intrigued by the delicateness, shape and colors of the eggplant flowers which seemed to be popping out occasionally to please me.

Today, I was looking at the plant and thought a branch was dead because it was folded over. I examined the strange phenomena.
To my SURPRISE, there was a baby egg plant!

It is rather cute.....

A closer look....

I hope it has time to develop before the first frost. I think I am suppose to clip off other flowers to help this one mature.
Anyone know for sure?

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