Monday, August 9, 2010

Metal Sculptures

As promised, I will share the unique metal sculptures created by Layne Koina who was one of the artists I met at the annual Art in the Garden show in Enumclaw, Washington this past weekend.

Actually, I met him last year and purchased a few of his whimsical metal sculptures.

This year I could not resist his cat tails. The cat tails are metal and the leaves are stainless steel, so as it ages the cat tails will rust but the stainless steel will not. I look forward to this transformation.

Unfortunately, Layne does not have a website where you can see more of his creative metal sculptures. He is local to Enumclaw and is associated with Arts Alive.


  1. Such whimsical creations ~ Fun stuff...

  2. Hi DJ,

    Yes, they are a delight to stumble upon in my yard.