Sunday, August 8, 2010

Art in the Garden

Last year I was one of the artists at Art in the Garden an annual art show in Enumclaw, Washington, but this year I went as an art patron. I have favorite artists and Julie Michels is one of them.

Julie paints rocks that are extra-ordinary. Mostly she paints animals, but she added a new dimension to her collection; painting a water scene including koi, lily pads, and a dragonfly on slate. I could not resist!

I just finished installing her beautiful creation in my yard:

Isn't if FABULOUS!?!

Tomorrow I will post the metal sculpture created by Layne.

Stay tuned.......


  1. Love it. Love it. Love it....!

  2. What a lovely calming and beautiful and most likely fool a few cats !!

  3. Wow the rock is so beautiful looks so real.I wish I could paint.I can't make a strait line with a ruler and that's bad Lol