Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ocean Meditation

I have been partaking in the 21 day meditation challenge sponsored by the Chopra Center. Even thought I have been mediating for many years, I enjoy being guided at times, especially by Davidji. I met him when I attended the Seduction of Spirit workshop in Whistler, Canada.

Davidji explains;

"When we meditate, we don’t have a target. We don’t have a goal. We are simply relaxing to the point of stillness and silence. Whatever happens during the meditation is perfect. If you have thoughts, if you fall asleep, if you experience stillness or silence, if you are listening to the mantra . . . all those experiences are perfect.

The powerful benefits and miracles of meditation happen when you’re not meditating, but in the remaining hours of the day when you are back here with the rest of us nurturing your relationships, practicing conscious communication, living your life with compassion and creativity, and loving unconditionally.

In this moment, know that meditation can be a piece of your life forever. And as you continue to meditate, your life will continue to blossom and bloom."

Being drawn to the ocean myself, my favorite meditation so far was the one where we were transported to Carlsbad,(the sweet spot of the universe) California by way of youtube.

Try the ocean meditation. Only fifteen minutes.

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