Friday, August 6, 2010

Vibrant Color

Every time on my way home from town, I pass by a locally owned nursery, The Perennial Gardener and wonder. Today, I stopped. Oh my gosh, what a lovely nursery with friendly, helpful staff! I had nothing particularly in mind, but I knew something would jump out at me.

After planting over a dozen packs of flower seeds, only two Cosmo plants have made it through our unusual summer. I want color! I was delighted by the vibrant colors of the petunia and the plants were huge.

Immediately when I arrived home, the petunias were planted. A few moments later before I could get the watering can, a butterfly came to enjoy their sweet nectar. What a treat!

Tiger Swallowtail on "Famous" Petunia

The other picks.....

"Jamboree Burgundy" Petunia

"Wave Purple" Petunia

The colors are so vibrant.

I cannot wait to see their colorful faces in the morning!


  1. These are lovely ~ Mine have all bloomed out, so I enjoyed seeing the color of these.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi DJ,

    Yes, I was amazed at the size of the plants. She said the petunias will bloom until frost if I tend them well.