Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oil Painting

Finally, set up the easel on the deck outside my studio as I planned to do all summer. Unfortunately, it is almost fall. But, I did it!

Notice my black dog, Ebony, curled up nearby

I was gifted with two small canvases from a friend who did not like the way her portrait was painted. Big mistake was to gesso over the oil painting with clear gesso. I found myself throwing on dark colors just to cover up the portraits.

In the first painting, I was having fun mixing colors and watching the runs happen. I am using a water-based oil paint and liked the effects of using water. This painting reminds me of the ocean. The photograph is lighter than the actual painting and I do not know how to photograph oils without getting a glare. Any suggestions?

In the second painting, after I intentionally covered up the faces of the portraits with dark paint, I grabbed a glob of yellow, mixed it with red, and added water allowing the paint to run. It reminded me of storm clouds. I stopped before I ruined the spontaneity.

I thought of these as a warm up to my next painting.

To be continued.......

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