Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Spirit of Balance

Getting back into reading Jeanne Carbonetti's book The Tao of Watercolor, I came upon her thoughts in regards to balance in a painting.

She claims that the spirit one brings to the practice of painting is the ability to respond with a fresh outlook to the dynamics of brush, water, and paper. It is not to force anything but to respond to everything---without getting caught up in details too soon, which can be a fatal mistake in painting.

Rembrandt said, "We should view a painting, not 'nose' it."

Jeanne reminds us to see all the space, not just painted space, as being worthy of your attention---and when you think of empty space as being full of potential---that just may be the secret to success in painting as it is in life.

Thoughts to ponder........

Summer Reflections
by Jeanne Carbonetti

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