Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Painting, A Practice of Self-Exploration

The creative process itself is the perfect dance of yin and yang.

Jeanne Carbonetti explains that when we can truly be with ourselves in the practice of painting, we feel the dance instinctively--- that special moment when we have discernment but are without judgment, when we have "vision," but are without expectation, when we are playful, yet hold a reverence for the sacred mystery of the creative process.

The experience goes to the core of self and you become one with the world. How it happens is a mystery. One simply must be willing to be there, painting. One must be open to the experience.

Jeanne says that it means opening yourself to the mysteries of the whole you, allowing parts of you that are often hidden to the world to surface through the practice of painting. What emerges naturally, even organically, then turns every painting into an act of discovery, and the partnership of painter and medium more easily becomes a dialogue. Each painting begins to be a mirror of a larger self than you had expected. Once the self is present, all the specifics of personal technique, style, and vision fall into place.

Paint and dance to your heart's content!

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