Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mandala Class

A small group of students signed up for the Mandala Class I teach at The Evergreen State College extended education program. Actually, small classes are fun and more intimate.

The other evening I brought the medium of craypas to explore and had the students create a mandala for an hour and fifteen minutes. They were amazed by the meditative quality of the process of creating a mandala. The students were open and able to gain insights into their art and their process.

"This is fun!" rang in unison when the class ended.

Usually I do not create art myself when I teach class as my tendency is to go off into my own creative world and neglect others. Feeling the desire to create a mandala, I asked the student's permission to join them.

I found myself enjoying the flowing shapes and tried to reframe from a blossom flower type image that appeared, but then I gave in to it. I have not decided if it is above ground growing or in water..........what is your feeling?



  1. Hello Joanne. I was wandering around between blogs in blogspot and I found yours.

    It always excites me when I learn something new, so thank you for now I know what a mandala is.

    Best regards from Mexico.

  2. Hi F. Dwarf,

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Glad to enlighten you with mandalas :)