Friday, May 15, 2009

Eagle Sighting

Today Washingtonians rejoiced in sunshine. I decided instead of my morning walk with Ebony we would go skating; I skate she runs beside me.

I like to skate the Chehalis Western Trail in Olympia to Woodard Bay which is a nice 7 mile trip. Along the trail there is a lovely area where both sides of the trail have ponds and the yellow waterlilies are in bloom. I was wishing I brought my camera. We usually stop there on the way back for a break. Ebony drinks and goes for a swim and I gaze at the beautiful views while I drink my water.

I noticed in the distance a large bird splashing in the water. I am glad Ebony did not see it. It was a Bald Eagle! I watch it bathe in the water for at least ten minutes. Then it perched on a rock and proceeded to dry itself by flapping its wings several times. When it took off, it circled over my head for a grand view before it departed through the trees. Where was my camera!

I felt honored to be privileged to this intimate bathing ritual.

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