Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sand Mandala and Deconstruction

This evening for the last class of the Create Mandalas for Personal Expression and Awareness which I taught at The Evergreen State College, I brought colored sand. We talked about the Tibetan Sand Mandalas and how the Native American Indians create sand mandalas. Then we let loose ourselves.

I watched as different techniques were invented; from paper tubes such as decorating cakes to dispersing sand from the palm of your hand. Of course every mandala was unique.

The mandalas were created on a large, thin piece of cardboard. After we discussed our mandalas and found the significance in our lives, one of the students began to tap the edges of the cardboard and the mandala transformed. We all tried this technique and were fascinated with the process.

I know that the idea behind sand mandalas is an exercise in impertinence, but I did bring my camera. We were so intrigued with the transformations that I documented them. Here is my sand mandala and its deconstruction.

What FUN!

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