Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Finished Painting?

Last evening one of my students who was introduced to painting in the Discover the Artist Within class at The Evergreen State College asked,

"How do you know when a painting is finished."

GOOD QUESTION! One which challenges me on a regular basis.

Then she asked, "Can't you ruin a painting by over working it?"


In my attempt to answer, I realized these questions are probably at the heart of every painter. The fact is there is no set rule....it really is hit or miss.

When I believe a painting is finished, I place it in a prominent spot in my house where I will walk by it often before I decide it is truly done. I also photograph the painting for my website and see it from another perspective. I might make changes, then again, I might not.

Here is my latest, I believe finished, watercolor painting.

How do you feel?

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