Thursday, May 28, 2009


I recently purchased a book called Success Now for the Artist A Motivational Guide for the Artrepreneur. I like the term "artrepreneur." The book is by Renee Phillips who has written several books, gives motivational seminars, a keynote speaker at art institutions throughout the U.S., and a career consultant for artists world-wide. I figured I could definitely learn something from this book!

So far my favorite part is the dedication: this book is dedicated to every artist who knows that being an artist is a life force, not a career choice. YES!!!

Success, according to Renee, should not be measured by external events - when you sell your first work, or have your first one-person show, or get a positive review by a critic, or when your work is collected by a museum. It should be a constant flame that glows steadily and triumphantly within you - originating from the knowledge that you create your destiny. You don't need anyone - a dealer, an agent, an art critic or patron - to give you validation or approval. Success - is yours - Now!

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