Thursday, June 11, 2015

Post Sabbatical


Yes, I gave myself permission to take a year off from painting. Funny, when I have used the word "sabbatical" in my explanation of "why I am not painting," I never looked the word up. In the definition it says "a period of paid leave." That did not happen! Needless to say, I have been enjoying life and that is payment in itself, right?!

At Breakfast Club, inspired by my two creative friends, Don and Linda, endeavors at publishing their written art, I began to paint. Not only that, I signed up for a class at South Puget Sound Community College: Intro to Welding and Creative Metalwork.

I am excited by the unknown possibilities of creativity from this day forward. Is it the quiet before the storm? Maybe the seed germinating ready to sprout? I feel the energy and it feels great!

This collage painting was brewing in my mind after spending time at Gleneden Beach, Oregon. Hiking down to the beach with my good friend Elaine and our doggies, this vista presented itself. I wanted to capture the beauty and delight I felt upon experiencing the view. I needed to give it more personality than just the typical gorgeous view; thus, the watercolor collage painting evolved.

Joanne Osband
Watercolor Collage

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