Friday, February 7, 2014

YES, India

I must admit is has been challenging to return to the computer after spending a month in India. Not just the computer, but a life altering experience superimposed on my life in the Pacific Northwest.

My travels focused on the Southern providence of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The tour with Magical Journey captured the essence of India. In contrast, traveling on our own provided George and I with a closer experience of nature and the Indian people. The month was stupendous!

I etched out only a few hours of sketching. "Coconut Lagoon" is a stunning hotel in the backwaters of Kerala. "Hornbill Camp" on the Periyar River borders the Thattekad Bird Santuary.

Coconut Lagoon
watercolor & ink
Joanne Osband

Hornbill Camp
watercolor & ink
Joanne Osband

Too much fun!!!

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