Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thoughts on Watercolors

Recently, I read fellow blogger's, Katherine Tyrrell, post about the best art books.

I am notorious for looking in our public library collection to find the book to read before deciding on whether to make the purchase, or not. The book that came highly recommended is The Watercolorist's Essential Notebook Lnadscapes by Gordon MacKenzie. I think I might buy this one!

His paintings reflect his emotional bond with the natural world. "An artist's work is a reflection of their personal aesthetics; the ordinary things that have extraordinary and hidden beauty, meaning and significance just for them. These perceptions are set at an early age."

I love his definition of watercolor: "a process of applying colored water to a piece of paper so that you can watch, spellbound, while it evaporates; a quest to experience all the subtleties and nuances of diluting paint."

Watch him as he paints.

Autumn Breezes
Gordon MacKenzie


  1. He does beautiful work...makes me want to get out my watercolors ~