Friday, July 2, 2010

Pea Invasion

I love to grow plants and play in the soil.

When I moved, a year ago, my garden consisted of three potted tomato plants and one strawberry pot. The lot surrounding the house was a weed field.

This year along with planting some fruit trees and ornamental trees I wanted to have a veggie garden. I made one 5 foot by 8 foot box and filled it with wonderful, dark, rich soil. This was going to get me by for a veggie garden this summer.

Snow peas are a must and were the first seeds in the ground. I usually plant enough to share with friends and family.........everyone loves snow peas!

This spring was unusually cold and wet here in Washington. In fact, most say we have gone from winter to summer. The lettuce seeds drowned, spinach never matured, and the beets and carrots are scraggly. The slugs ate my pepper and cucumber plant.

But the peas thrived and invaded the garden box.

Other than peas, I have my old faithful tomato plants and strawberries for this summer's garden endeavors. We shall see what next year brings.......

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