Saturday, July 24, 2010

Outdoor Sculptures

I have been itching to get some time at the ocean and finally did!

Interesting how a layer of clouds can hang on the beach but two miles away, sunshine. That was the story of yesterday's ocean adventure. But that did not hamper a fun time.

One of the best parts was stopping at Westport Winery. Not only did we have a great glass of wine with cheese and crackers, but also challenged my dear friend to a game of croquet. It was a hilarious time with rules changing constantly since we could not remember from the days of childhood. There were definitely different opinions.

In the garden area of the winery there are two fabulous sculptures. The first one is called Pinot Noirvana by Jeff Vitto of Tokland dated September 2009. As you can see it made from driftwood, metal nails, and cable.

The glass sculpture is called Surfer's Last Hurrah by Opal Art Glass in Cosmopolis dated May, 2009. Looks striking in the sunshine!

Made plans to return to the coast next week :)


  1. Great sculptures! I always love that someone took the time to entertain my eyes in unlikely locales. Thanks for sharing these lovelies, Joanne

  2. Hi DJ,

    You are welcome. I am feeling a bit guilty because I am not painting as often. I figured I would post my adventures through an artist's viewpoint to fill in until my "muse" returns.