Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Bit of the Ocean on the Trail

Summertime on the Chehalis Western Trail not only brings out swarms of people, but also an array of blooming native plants.

Oceanspray has plumes of white flowers that cover the foliage reminiscent of the spray from an ocean wave.

Interesting facts about Oceanspray:

Insects feed and find shelter in this shrub attracting insect-eating birds such as chickadees and bushtits.

The Oceanspray foliage is important food for the larvae of swallowtail, brown elfin, admiral, and spring azure butterflies.

Thickets provide cover for nesting birds.

The long straight branches were historically used for arrows, cooking tongs, mat-making needles, and other tools.

Now I am thinking about taking a trip to the ocean :)


  1. It does look like white caps spraying on the crest of a wave...especially in the near-center area of your top photo.
    Beautiful and abundant...

  2. Hi DJ,

    I did not see it as white caps pray on a wave crest until the plant was identified for me as Ocean Spray. Now I see it as that all the time!