Sunday, July 11, 2010

Breakfast Club

As I drove across the Woodard Bay Bridge early this morning on my way to the Chehalis Western Trail for our morning skate, I noticed an exceptionally large number of herons feeding.

Usually when I pass by I see one or two. But today it was the "Breakfast Club."

How many do you see?

Now, look again. Be sure to count the ones on the shore.

For some reason this heron prefers to dine alone.

Note: The Woodard Bay rookery is the largest heron nesting ground in the state of Washington.


  1. What a treat! For you...and apparently, for them.
    Perhaps there were more little fish or other yummies in the waters for them that morning?

  2. Hi DJ,

    The tide was going out. Maybe the fish were slow on the uptake?