Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Think It Is Done, but....

I have been taking glimpses at this watercolor painting all day. Is it done?

I have not decided if the rocks need more variation in color or if the "monotone" is working as a background? Maybe more depth? Suggestions anyone? DJ?


  1. Joanne, This is a lovely rendering of those flowers! Thus, I would proceed cautiously or leave this beauty alone.

    My gut instinct tells me your question comes from a temperature issue; the background cools the composition. This is not necessarily a bad thing.
    If you introduce multiple colors, I fear the flowers would have to compete with the background, rather than being the center of attention.
    If you add deeper values to the background, it will bring the background into focus, and again, it will compete with the flowers, but not as much as introducing multiple colors.

    Another concern is that the rocks are not lying flat. It appears as a wall because they are the same size & value. If size & value gradually change, the plane flattens and they appear to go back in the distance.

    So, this is your call. It depends on how much it's bothering you. :-) If you leave it alone, it will still be wonderful.

  2. Hi DJ,

    THANK YOU! Your input is most helpful and it confirms my thoughts exactly. I will gaze at it some more over the next few days and decide if I want to make the slight gradual value change to give the rocks some distance.

    I knew I could count on you :)

  3. Sorry to be so verbose!
    I just love talking about art; I can't help myself. :-)
    I'll try to behave myself next time.
    Just be thankful we don't live near each other-lol!

  4. Hi DJ,

    No need to apologize!

    I finished the painting today by gradually darkening the rocks to give it depth. I like it :)