Monday, July 5, 2010

Ballerina of the Flower World

There is no other name for it; the fuchsia is the ballerina of the flower world.

Last blog I spoke of the beauty and grace of the Crocosmia, but the fuchsia is definitely in a category of its own.

The flowers resemble a ballerina, wouldn't you agree?

See the skirt and the arms extended and legs?

Here they are dancing together.....

My preference are the hardy fuchsia plants because I find that although the hanging pots are beautiful, they tend to dry out quickly and I have been known to accidentally kill them.

The other variety that I have growning in my yard looks like this.

A more subtle dancer than the previous one.

I know I will add to this collection of hardy fuchsia because the joyous little dancers make me smile.

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