Monday, May 16, 2011

Tea Time

Last Saturday I went to the 4th annual Designing Devas Garden Tour. I was set to visit Cathy Johnson's Dandelion Gardens because I met her and saw her garden art creations at Olympia Country and Golf Club "Spring Fling".

No way is her garden filled with dandelions! She has acres of gorgeous landscaped gardens overlooking St. Clair Lake. I was so glad I made the journey out to see it and thankful that the day was sunny and beautiful, too.

At the art show, I fell in love with a tea cup planter but for some unknown reason did not purchase it at that time. I have been thinking about it ever since that day. After our initial greeting, I asked Cathy if she still had the tea cup. That is when she told me this story: The tea cup was in her car after the art show. She met a man who was looking for a gift for his wife for Mothers' Day. When Cathy showed him the tea cup, he bought it. Fortunately for me, his wife did not like the tea cup and returned it to Kathy in exchange for another planter. So, the tea cup was there waiting for me!

After a couple of days of moving it around my yard, I found the perfect spot where I can see it from my kitchen. I selected a hardy geranium to plant inside.

Here is how it looks......

I love it!!!

Time to make a cup of tea......

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